Time - an invention of man?

Computer solution of general nth order polynomial?

Algebraic solution of general nth order polynomial?

Does first counterexample to Goldbach Conjecture coincide with first change of sign of Li(x)-Pi(x)?

How can God be all-powerful?

Why is God not omniscient?

Why is God not omnibenevolent?

If a genie grants me 3 wishes, what should I choose?

Is math inconsistent?

Is math incomplete?

Does gravity exist?

Why are there 3 centres to the body cf ancient Greek?

Which is the most important?

Why as easy as 'pie'?

Why are _all_ religions true?

How does synchronicity work?

How does causative formation work?

How can flies stick to a ceiling?

How do flies move in the wind?

What happened in 'The Philadelphia Experiment'?

What's the best movie ever?

Who was Mrs. Cain?

Why do Wifi gateways have two antennae?

What was wrong with Bluetooth?

What's the solution to the 'Traveling Salesman' problem?

Why is the Four-Colour Theorem easy?

Why do Native Americans speak only of the living?

Space-Time Continuum?

How to max/min given constraint(s)?

What is Improbability Drive?

Why _must_ there be reincarnation?

Where is absolute zero? (if anywhere?)

Is the universe really a giant computer?

If so, how many bits address space?

How is the 'Word' God?

How can the bible be literally true?

What is Infinite Improbability Drive? Bistro drive?

Why is tennis scoring eg 40-love?

Can the universe ever be more than zero-sum gain?

If so, how?

Why is there only one Universe?

Why was the Big Bang only local?

Why were all religious leaders aiming for Heaven _on Earth_?

Why have they all been misinterpreted since?

Was Christ really an 'AntiChrist'?

What is/was the origin of science?

How can science and religion be compatible?

How can _any_ local truth be possible cf Feyerabend?

Why is solipsism untenable?

Why impossible to measure magnetic orientation of dropstones - debunking Snowball Earth X theory?

Why should Paul have been 'The Mole' 2001?

Why moon and sun apparently bigger on horizon?

Why craters on moon?

Why do we exist?

Why does the Universe exist?

Why honesty best policy?

How does karma work?

How is entropy conserved?

Why is blue popular colour for computer OSs?

What is GUT (physics Grand Unified Theory)?

Who/what is God?

What _is_ the time domain?

What is all matter composed of?

What is all truth composed of?

How can I make a perpetual motion machine?

What is 7/8 point Utopian plan? (politics)

How can I institute a 'superdemocracy'?

What is the answer to the 'Paradox of the Unexpected Hanging'?

Why was Goedel slightly, but very significantly wrong?

Why was Euclid only _insignificantly_ wrong re geometries?

What is the resolution to the Continuum Hypothesis?

Why are computers _already_ cleverer than humans?

How to cure traffic jams?

How to make lot of money easily on stock exchange?

How to make cars, planes go faster, more efficiently?

Why Hubble telescope broke on launch?

How coffee bad, ginger good?

How alcohol bad, chocolate good?

Why synonyms often start/sound alike?

Why Sumerian backwards (after Babel)?

Why 2 Earthly tides/day?

Does astrology work?

How does astrology work?

How does precognition work?

Why does precogniton work?

How might telekinesis work?

How did Jesus walk on water?

How did Jesus perform (other) miracles?

Why did saints have haloes?

Where did the 'overlords' come from?

Why can't we find the 'Missing Link'? (human evolution)

What is a simple system for dating Art?

What was ambrosia?

What was nectar?

Is happiness relative?

Is goodness relative?

How was the Colosseum covered?

In a competition to give lowest unduplicated positive integer, what is best strategy?

How to improve ferry stability in rough sea?

Why is the ratio of size of 'spewing' to normal black holes as is?

Is time travel possible?

Is 'virtual' time travel possible?

What is 'virtual' time travel?

Why do you 'only live twice'?

How can one virtually time travel back?

How can one virtually time travel forwards?

How does gender affect time?

What _is_ the Mind-Body problem?

Why are the 3 monkeys wise?

How can I win (easily) at Blackjack?

How can I seduce a potential lover easily?

How can I turn base metals into gold? or silver etc?

How can I turn charcoal into diamond at low cost?

Why a time'cube'?

What is the perfect (simple) chess strategy?

What is the perfect (simple) go strategy?

What is the perfect contract bridge bidding system?

In bridge, which is more important - play or bid?

How was Einstein wrong?

Why were the Egyptian pyramids built?

Why did Methuselah live so long?

Why were Crannogs made?

Why is there no anti-gravity?

How do magnets work?

What is the ultimate question? (to 42?)

How do bees fly?

How old was the Garden of Eden?

Why was there a (local) Big Bang?

How can humans stay physically young (x2)?

What was the fruit of immortality?

What was the fruit of knowledge/mortality?

What links the micro- to the macroscopic?

Why does +infinity = -infinity?

Why are there only two infinities?

What are they? (x several)

Why is there more matter than anti-matter?

Why are galaxies spiral?

Why ten planets?

Why 5 Platonic solids?

What is a "white" hole?

In chess, which is more valuable - knight or bishop?

Why does zero sound like 'eros'?

Why the new rear-wheel-drive planes are dangerous?

Why camera glints hexagonally?

Can Shannon compression limit be broken?

Can Shannon compression limit be side-stepped?

Who were the ancient Greek gods?

How many ancient Greek gods were there?

What's deja vu?

How often are people happy?

How often are people right?

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